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Why use Tekkers IT Solutions to support your business? From Pay-and-go support at our standard hourly rate, to block-time billing and our fixed cost Support Partnership Agreement's (SPA). Regardless of the level of support you need, you will benefit from the excellent standard level of support that each and every customer receives.

Service and Support

Our experienced staff provide the high levels of service and support that your, our customers have become accustomed to. Based from our offices in Fareham and supporting a growing customer base in Hampshire and West Sussex, Tekkers IT Solutions are positioned to provide services above and beyond that of our competitors.

Pete Matheson,
Managing Director

When starting out his career, Pete borrowed over £5,000 from his parents to go on a Microsoft 'bootcamp'. 14 days of intensive training where you eat, drink and practically sleep inside the training rooms. There was no phone reception and no TV's in the rooms as everything was focussed on learning. In the 14 days, 7 exams were sat and passed which obtained him one of Microsoft's highest level of technical certifications.

100% customer retention

Pete Matheson, Managing Director

Standard support services


Our wide range of support services covers all areas that a business might need for their IT services. Whether you have existing on-site IT support that just needs assistance now and then, to a firm with no internal IT resources and needs full time assistance - our support packages are designed to fit in to meet your requirements.


Get help instantly, Never Wait Again
Every customer can raise tickets directly to your own dedicated help desk team who will respond to your issue in a 'competitor-beating' time.

Save money you would usually spend
We never charge call out charges, or for our time traveling. You pay us only for our expertise.

Never forget a password again
Stored in our secure password database, we hold your information relevant to your network infrastructure. Furthermore we can communicate directly with any third party vendors to assist resolving complex issues with line-of-business applications.

Named staff at Tekkers IT to deal with on a daily basis
Get to know a central point of contact for your daily needs, and due to our extremely high staff retention rate you will deal with the same staff on a daily basis!

Support services overview

24x7 Basic Monitoring
As a standard, all of our customers are entitled to a free, basic level of monitoring on all PC's and Servers. This monitoring can detect potential issues with disk drives running out of space, or processor and memory utilization being consistently too high.

Server Support
Covers any issues relating to your server infrastructure. Ensuring your critical services and applications are running to the best of their ability. Combined with our monitoring services, issues can be detected and resolved before they turn into bigger, company-wide issues that could cause a loss of service.

Microsoft Update & Patch Management
We regularly test and approve the latest Microsoft patches, as well as some third party programs such as Flash, Adobe Reader and Java. Your PC's and Servers will always be kept up-to-date with the latest recommended updates, to reduce the security risk to your business. Furthermore, we will always aim to prevent any damaging application updates from being installed on your systems, as this does happen from time to time.

24x7 Monitoring of Core Infrastructure
Full monitoring enables us to look much closer than our basic monitoring offering. Here we can pre-emptively identify failed server components, ensuring they are replaced before or immediately at the time they fail, rather than potentially missing these failures that can lead to a catastrophic data loss. We can also monitor supported vendors backup jobs to ensure backups complete without any errors, and monitor broadband connectivity for issues such as packet loss.

8-hour Standard Response SLA
All of our customers can expect an excellent level of response. Even with an 8-hour standard SLA, our average response time is much, much faster.

Anti-Virus protection for Desktops and Servers
Desktop anti-virus protection with scheduled weekly full scans to protect against viruses.

User Support
Support for all staff and their IT devices. Use Tekkers as your IT help desk to resolve any technical issue. The majority of user support we provide is performed remotely, with on-site assistance required as needed.

Speech mark
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It came as no surprise that the whole process was completed with efficiency and professionalism.

Kevin Lee Managing Director Cura Home Care 19th March 2016

Mans Name and Company


William Ware of Warner Goodman discusses how Tekkers have supported them on a constulative basis to effectively manage a 45% increase in conveyancing contracts.

Support offering...


All of our customers receive a basic level of service, at no additional charge.

  • Pro-Active monitoring against downtime
  • Password Management
  • 24x7 Access to Support

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Most popular

Covers ‘the essentials’ for a fixed monthly cost

  • All of the FREE services plus...
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Microsoft Update and Patch Management
  • Pay-and-Go or Block Time support

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For when you need a fully inclusive service

  • All of the Essentials services plus...
  • Contracted SLA’s
  • Server and Desktop support
  • Remote + On-Site
  • Quarterly Strategy Meetings

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Download our brochure for more detail or call our team on 01329 888625 to discuss the options best for you.

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