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Protecting your Business with Industry leading security.

Malicious and targeted attacks on company IT systems have seen an unprecedented increase in recent years. With successful attempts costing individual businesses upwards of £500k and in some cases putting them out of business, securing your network is crucial.

We protect all our customers with our ‘essential’ service to ensure you stay protected at all times.


Desktop and Server Anti- Virus

Centrally managed, monitored and maintained, our hosted Desktop and Server Anti-Virus provides the final layer of protection against threats on your network. Scan downloaded attachments and network documents to ensure malicious content isn’t opened across your IT systems.

Email Anti-Virus & Anti- Spam

Reduce the amount of spam emails you receive by 99%, and protect against email-borne threats such as malware or phishing. Used by over 70% of the top 200 legal firms in the UK, our email protection is regarded as extremely effective.

Web Security

Our web security products can provide a barrier against dangerous files being downloaded directly from the web, whilst also provide key filtering and reporting information to make your staff more productive. Data Loss Prevention can protect against sensitive company data from leaving the network.

24x7 ProActive Monitoring and Alerting

Detects issues before they turn into bigger threats. Unpatched servers or Desktop Operating Systems can quickly lead to a hole in your IT Security to allow attackers access to your data.


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Ongoing Security Advice and Recommendations

Our security service doesn’t stop there. 

We are continually on the look out for ways to improve the protection for business, so we get in touch from time to time to make further recommendations based on current events to ensure any new threats are addressed in good time. 

We can also advise on how to secure your networks further, whether that is physical methods to secure your data or taking advantage of emerging technology to protect your staff whilst travelling with confidential data stored on their laptops.

Taking Action

A recurring issue we see is with companies who have experienced a significant breach, resulting in their staff being unable to work for a period of time whilst data is recovered and restored. 

It is vitally important that with any breach, whether it’s due to ransomware or a more targeted attack, that action is taken to plug any holes which have been revealed. 

Too many times have we seen businesses recover from a disaster, but not followed up with measures put in place to proactively prevent the same issue from happening again. 

We always take action to address issues, ensuring our customers have a reliable and protected experience. 


Training your Staff

The weakest point in your network is your staff. 

By providing regular training to your staff, you can massively reduce your risk from something making its way through to your network.

Our regular testing and training solution sends fake phishing emails to your staff, and provides further training if they are fooled. Further training is provided to all staff on a regular basis to continually improve staff knowledge on the threats which are ocurring in businesses like yours.

Don’t just take our word for it

We’re proud of the IT support service we provide for our customers – often delivering added value beyond their expectations. However, it’s easy for us to say that. Take a look at what our customers say and why they use Tekkers IT for their IT support.

It came as no surprise that the whole process was completed with efficiency and professionalism.

Kevin Lee
Managing Director

As CEO of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, I had the pleasure of working with Tekkers. We felt in safe hands and experienced a reliable and professional approach. The service was proactive with Tekkers thinking ahead and suggesting improvements we could make to improve our efficiency and cybersecurity. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business.

Maureen Frost

Always excellent service – prompt action.

Lisa Kneller
Accounts Payable Manager