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Businesses must be secured from constantly changing threats against IT networks. I have anti-virus, why do I need more protection?

Since the beginning of 2016, malicious and targeted attacks on company IT systems have seen an unprecedented increase. With successful attempts costing individual businesses upwards of £500k and in some cases putting them out of business, securing your network is crucial.

Desktop and Server Anti- Virus
Centrally managed, monitored and maintained, our hosted Desktop and Server Anti-Virus provides the final layer of protection against threats on your network. Scan downloaded attachments and network documents to ensure malicious content isn't opened across your IT systems.

Email Anti-Virus & Anti- Spam
Reduce the amount of spam emails you receive by 99%, and protect against email-borne threats such as malware or phishing. Used by over 70% of the top 200 legal firms in the UK, our email protection is regarded as extremely effective.

Web Security
Our web security products can provide a barrier against dangerous files being downloaded directly from the web, whilst also provide key filtering and reporting information to make your staff more productive. Data Loss Prevention can protect against sensitive company data from leaving the network.

Policies, Procedures and Physical Security.
Tekkers can offer consultancy on other ways to improve your security. From locking network ports down so no unauthorised devices can be connected into the wired LAN, to regularly changing user passwords, through to encrypting and securing your most crucial data on laptops, desktops and servers.

Desktop Anti-Virus

Perform regular, full scans of your network to ensure data integrity and detect any rogue malicious files that have made it through layers of protection.

Combined with our monitoring platform, Tekkers deploy our anti-virus application to desktops and servers to allow a central point of management and monitoring. This allows us to quickly respond to any virus or malware outbreaks and control them, before they cause lasting damage.

Enhanced Security for Email

How protected is your business against the real threat of targeted phishing emails, email server outage or accidental leaks of confidential data?

With targeted attacks at an all-time high, and businesses losing over £500k in a single transaction, a single successful attack can quickly put you out of business if you aren't taking necessary steps to protect your business.

Forcepoint Web Protection

Web security that provides protection wherever your staff are - at home, on the road and in the Office.

With more and more services moving to the cloud every day, the need to secure your staff against malicious web pages and content is a key objective when looking at data security. When combined with our desktop Anti-Virus and email protection, Forcepoint provides the third crucial layer of security against web-based threats.

Policies, Procedures and Physical Security

Consultancy services to secure your network to it's best.

There are many ways you can further secure your IT network, some are basic and won't cost you a thing. Primarily it's about vigilence and making sure your staff are aware of their actions, which can go a great way towards preventing any issue from ocurring.

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