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Strategic Review

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Ever felt that your IT systems are preventing your business from reaching it’s full potential? A Review could be just what you need.

Our strategic IT review takes a look over your IT systems in their entirety. We look at how you use your existing systems and applications, and see if you could take advantage of any new technologies to push your business forward. A review also identifies any areas in your IT systems which pose significant risks, with a clearly defined strategy on mitigating those risks.

Once the review has been completed, you will be provided with a clear strategy on areas that can be further improved or developed in coming months or years, to align with your own business goals.

Do I need a Strategic Review?

We typically carry out a strategic review for every new customer of ours, so we have a clear understanding of the IT systems in place.

This also gives both parties a clear vision of the direction that the firm wishes to pursue, and ensure the IT systems follows this vision.

Return on Investment

With the correct IT systems and correct strategy in place, your business will suffer less interruption. Whether that is in the form of less major outages with servers that were previously crashing, or with general performance being improved across PC’s and Laptops, enabling staff to be much more productive than previously.

This can allow client work to be completed at a much higher rate and thus effectively giving your staff more time in the day to carry out additional tasks. You will quickly start to see a clear return on your investment into IT.

What is covered?

IT Strategy

Take a look at your overall IT strategy and ensure you are heading in the right direction.

Network Infrastructure

We take a look at cabling, switching and wireless.

Internet Infrastructure

Internet connectivity checks to make sure you have the best available to suit your business. We take a look at your firewalls, modems and any other related equipment to ensure your access is fast and secure.


A check over printer hardware and software

Remote Access

If remote access is required, the security of the method is checked and recommendations are provided to improve any remote working.

Server Infrastructure

Thorough checks are performed of your existing servers, to make sure they are operating efficiently and free of any potential errors. Warranties are checked as well as in-depth configuration to ensure server-based applications have been configured according to best-practices.

Disaster Recovery

A look over your backup regime as well as disaster recovery plans. These checks highlight risks to your business


Reviewing security best practices to ensure your business is protected against the latest threats, including email, web and physical security across your network.


Company machines are reviewed to check staff aren’t being restricted by the performance of their PC. Any issues are highlighted and discussed.


Critical LOB (Line of business) applications are reviewed to ensure they are up to date, used and configured correctly and to see if there are any gaps where a suitable application could be implemented.


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We’re proud of the IT support service we provide for our customers – often delivering added value beyond their expectations. However, it’s easy for us to say that. Take a look at what our customers say and why they use Tekkers IT for their IT support.

It came as no surprise that the whole process was completed with efficiency and professionalism.

Kevin Lee
Managing Director

Fantastic once again. Issue resolved quickly and friendly.

Emma Hardy

Fantastic company, great IT support and a lovely bunch. Anyone that picks up the phone can help you instantly.

Mary Bath