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Fundametally Helpful

Julie Tucker, Director of Design Unlimited, shares how Tekkers have helped them with their online backup system.

Our Goals?

Quick Response Time

Disaster Management

Cyber Security

Pay and Go Support

Block Time Support

Simple Payment Process

Our Products and Services

Put simply, we provide products and services that we truly believe in.

Those that stand the test of time and those we have great experiences with. We don’t sell ‘cheap and cheerful’, ever. We recommend what we can put our heart and soul behind, and honestly say that it is right for your business. We expect the equipment we provide to last, and the services we supply to be reliable and fit-for-purpose.

Our Internet connections, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Hosted Phone Systems and everything else we provide are stable, reliable solutions that we ourselves use dayin, day-out. Finally, we are most certainly not the cheapest provider out there, and if you are looking for the cheapest provider then I would politely suggest you look elsewhere! On a small number of occasions, we have even been told that we were the most expensive provider tendering – however on all of those occasions we have ended up winning the business because of the quality of our service.

How are we supporting?

Online backup

Online backup is a flexible, cost-effective and hassle-free method of backing up critical business data. Avoid the need to change tapes on a daily basis, Online Backup is fully monitored to ensure data integrity for your critical data.


Our portfolio of solutions, including Cyber Security, Managed Services, Consultancy, Connectivity and Disaster Recovery have you covered. Based from our offices in Fareham and supporting a growing customer base in Hampshire and West Sussex, Tekkers IT Solutions are positioned to provide services above and beyond that of our competitors.

Managed Services

Proactive management of your IT assets. Proven to reduce downtime and increase staff productivity. Our managed services pave the way for your business to benefit from uninterrupted working, secure systems and proactive maintenance that ensures your business’ IT systems are performing at their best, 100% of the time.