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 Let’s talk about what happens to your business when a power cut strikes.

A few weeks ago, there was an absolute disaster in Portsmouth…

It was reported by the Portsmouth News and it was all over Twitter…

A power cut ran through from 9.30 in the evening, until midnight.

It wasn’t a long power cut, but as everyone knows it causes havoc everywhere.

It was interesting to see what happened the following day with people posting about their ‘day of hell’, when the power cut and their server was down.

Do you want to know what happen to us after the ‘power cut of all power cuts’ in Portsmouth?

Absolutely nothing.

Well, yes we did have a few customers where their broadband hadn’t come back up again, and we had to restart a switch because it had a bit of a hiccup. But no servers were down and everything was solved by 9 o’clock the next morning, before people were in.

So, how do we do this magic? 

It’s nothing special really, all you should be using is a UPS. It’s an Uninterruptible Power Supply, basically a big battery for your server.

If you still have a server in your office, then a UPS will make sure in the event of a power cut, everything will shut down properly. And when the power returns, it will bring everything back up again.

This is really key because if you are in a middle of a power cut, it will effectively be the same as someone pulling out the plug from the back of your server. It will completely switch off.

It is really important that you have this UPS.

My number one piece of advice is to have a UPS, a battery backup, and my number two piece of advice is to make sure that the UPS is actually configured, and it is tested.

You need to configure you UPS, so it knows in the event of a power cut to turn your servers off. 

Please check you have one, it’s normally a big black box, sat down by your server somewhere. If you’ve ever had a power cut, it is normally the thing that beeps at you to tell you there is a power cut!

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