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It is well-known among businesses that telephone services are incredibly interwoven with our day-to-day lives. Inasmuch, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to turn to hosted telephony, using a private branch exchange (PBX) within their corporation. This is a lot less expensive than using traditional external lines, and offers a multitude of benefits within the organization.

But let’s back up, and talk about how the service works. Gamma Horizon is one of the leading PBX systems currently on the market and the VoIP system that we provide via our partner, Gamma and their Horizon platform. The phone system is connected through the web, and an online dashboard provides seamless control over the myriad of features it offers.


One of the most notable features, which businesses are finding the increasingly useful, is the flexibility and control it gives you over numbers. You may keep the existing number for your business, add a freephone number, or even set up a number which dials your office and your mobile to ensure not missing an important call. You also possess the ability to set up an auto-attendant who can direct clients to various services to ensure employee time spent on the phone is the most productive.

Beyond that, the online dashboard gives access to all information pertaining to the calls. Including a call history with a caller ID, access to voicemails, and even the ability to record calls. This security measure can be done selectively, on demand, or for every call, and all recordings appear on the online dashboard.

As more and more individuals decide to pursue self-employment via their own small business, the market demand for PBX services is bound to increase. We’re excited to what new improvements will be made to the already increasingly useful service.