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Have you ever been in a public area, trying to use the WiFi and realised that wireless is actually worse than your own 4G mobile signal? 

WiFi 6 is by far the biggest change to wireless since time began, and it could mean dramatic improvements. 


WiFi – A History

To understand the changes in WiFi 6, we need to roll back to understand how earlier version WiFi works.

Essentially, current WiFi works by using one big pipe, one big wide road – and that pipe can only talk to a single device at any one time.

What this means is that when sending a twitter update from your phone, for the split second it needs to send that message, wireless networks assign you the full pipe, before it moves on to the next device and assigns the full pipe.

Wireless AC

AC Wireless, also known as 802.11AC or WiFi 5 brought an improvement to these standards which broke the pipe down into smaller pipes. Meaning that a twitter update only takes a smaller pipe, or say, one lane of a motorway. However, this still inherintly has the same problem as previous versions, in that a whole lane still gets reserved for each device, even though only half a lane is needed – it’s still a waste.

Introducing WiFi 6

With WiFi 6, your device can now be allocated just the exact amount of bandwidth for what it needs, without taking it away from other devices.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, where WiFi 6 can actually communicate with multiple devices at once – instead of effectively having one big queue.

Public Wifi

This has a massive and dramatic improvement for public WiFi, particularly around venues hosting lots of people, all who will want to use WiFi. The likes of the Ageas Bowl, O2 Arena, Hotels, and even some much smaller venues will all suffer from extremely poor WiFi performance.

I’d highly recommend that you upgrade ASAP, and start providing an excellent WiFi service to your customers.

For people using public Wifi, please be aware of some of the risks!

If you are considering a new WiFi deployment, Tekkers IT Solutions can offer a detailed Wireless Survey using the latest technology to map your venue or offices, and accurately determine where access points are best placed to ensure the best coverage.


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