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One of the most common misconceptions is that you don’t need to Web security. Well, in the next few minutes I’m going to tell just you how crucial it is to have web security in place. 

Most people think of web filtering as something that stops you from visiting various websites, like blocking online shopping or social media. But actually, it is something that can seriously upgrade the level of security on your networks.

 It can be just as damaging to catch something through a website as it is to receive an email that has malicious files attached. Furthermore, it adds another level of protection to your emails that have links in them. If the link is dodgy, the web security will kick in and block it, if your email security hasn’t already caught it.

It’s all about having multiple layers of protection. It’s another thing that is scanning your network, using someone else’s algorithms, someone’s else systems to determine whether it is dodgy or not.

Decent web protection can block not only the pages you are visiting but also the stuff you are downloading from the internet. If you are downloading malicious content, the web protection will look at it whilst it is downloading and will block it straight away.

With everything, there is no 100% guarantee that a web protection software is going to block all malicious content from being downloaded. That’s why you have your email protection, web protection and anti-virus in place.

web protectionI ran a quick report from a random subset of customers who have had web protection and web filtering in the last 30 days. The software we are using has serviced a total of 21.6 million queries. There were 356 security events, 273 of which were malware and were blocked. 273 times they could have caught something, but they didn’t because of web protection. All these customers also had email protection and anti-virus in place and web protection still caught 273 things.

Web protectionIt’s not like you will be paying for something and never using it. It is there all the time, constantly looking for things and constantly blocking malicious content.

Web protection isn’t very expensive at all, it’s another £2, £3, £4 per user, per month. We understand that all these things do add up, which is why we have created our essentials package. The package includes your email protection, web protection, windows updates and virus protection all bundled together. Everything you need for £12 per user, per month. 

It gets you well on your way nowadays for things like your PCI Compliance, your cyber-essential certifications, even your liability insurance as a lot of insurers are now asking technical questions on how you are protecting your business from these kinds of threats.

If you don’t already have web security for your business, now is the time to consider it. If you are interested, give me a call on 01329552500, connect with me on LinkedIn (Pete Matheson) or by email, whatever is easiest for you.