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This is probably quite a unique upgrade, coming from a perspective that most won’t.

I have been using the Dell 38″ U3818DW Screen for the last year or so, which I’m a massive fan of, with the exception of charging issues with my 15″ Macbook Pro. This week, I upgraded to a ginormous Dell 49″ U4919DW Ultrawide, Curved Monitor.

My initial thoughts, unboxing and setting up can be viewed in the video I made just below:

After a weeks use of said monitor, here are my thoughts…


 Why Ultrawide? 

If you haven’t yet experienced an ultrawide monitor, I think you’re missing out – honestly!

The amount of screen space you gain is immense even from those who are already using dual monitors, which results in an incredible experience.

There is no lost space due to the bezels between screens, so you actually gain a whole extra area of usable space in the center, which essentially gives you a third monitor.

 Why do you need a 49″ Screen? 

Actually, a 49″ Ultrawide screen is the equivalent to 2x 27″ Screens side by side, which is quite a common setup for many users.

So whilst this is most definitely a ‘huge screen’. It’s no different to those millions of people already running dual 27’s.

Having it in a single screen means there are less wires, since you only have one screen to connect, it takes up less space on the desk as there’s only a single stand (or single VESA mount), and it’s just a much cleaner look than having multiple separate displays.

That being said, even with my 49″ Screen, I still have my Macbook screen open to the left, and a second 22″ screen mounted to the right for some KPI / Stats that I have permanently open!

 Where did the height go?! 

So one of my ‘complaints’ about this particular 49″ screen, when comparing to my previous 38″, is that you lose around an inch of physical screen height.

Combined with the resolution difference of 3840 x 1600 and 5120 x 1440 for the 49″ Screen, you are actually losing around 1 1/2 inches in screen height.

For me, that’s the difference between having 6 things open at once on a screen instead of 3.

Previously I would have open at least 6 windows, top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right. All of which were fully visible, and not hidden behind other programs.

With the missing 1 1/2 inches, I now find that I’m having to rearrange windows differently, and have to put up with some overlap.

This has generally been fine, as applications like web browsing for me aren’t crucial to be visible at all times. Whereas I always keep my email, Microsoft Teams, Messages, Soft Phone and Calendar open at all times.

 That curve though… 

Onto my second issue with the 49″ Ultrawide screen, the curve. Or rather, lack of.

The 38″ Screen has a 2300R Curve.

The 49″ Screen has a 3800R Curve.

The lower the number, the more pronounced the curve.

So the 49″ Screen is much wider, but has less of a curve than the 38″ – which causes me a slight issue since I’m having to shift my gaze quite considerably when looking to the far corners. Something which didn’t occur with the 38″ screen.

And that is really where the negatives end.

After a solid week of using this screen for productivity in an office environment – I can safely say that it’s incredible.

Yes, there are a couple of minor gripes I have, which have specifically come from upgrading from the 38″ Model to this 49″ Model. Had you not done the same upgrade as me, you wouldn’t notice.

 Would I recommend this? 

Most definitely yes. Even though this screen comes in at a whopping £1,000+, it offers a massive boost in productivity.

The sheer amount of screen real estate, means that I can have everything open at once and never miss a notification, an email, a message – it’s all within eyes reach.

If you’re interested in upgrade to an Ultrawide screen for business, then get in touch. Tekkers IT Solutions can supply, install and support all forms of IT hardware and software, so I’m sure we’ll be able to put together an ultrawide screen you’ll love!