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I recently attended a cyber security event and they covered a few topics, one of which was passwords. So, I thought it was worth creating just a short blog to talk about passwords once more.

One interesting thing they mention was there are three things you can do to reduce the risk of you being targeted, or attacked or hacked by a whopping 80%.

  1. Unique, individual passwords for everything
  2. Antivirus is up to date and installed on everything
  3. Installing all your Windows updates, application updates, third party updates and keeping everything up to date.


Most Popular Passwords 

There has recently been a list of top 100 passwords released online. Here are the top ten to educate you and make sure you are not using silly passwords and not using the passwords that everybody knows.

Number 1 is using any form of concurrent passwords. These are 12345, 11111,98765 or 4567. Anything that is in order, whether it is forward or backwards, just don’t use it. 

The next one is ‘password‘. This also includes changing the ‘p’ to capital, using ‘0’ instead of o, ’55’ instead of ‘ss’, or even having something that sounds complicated like [email protected]. These are one of the most popular passwords out there because people think it’s complicated, but actually, where it is such a popular complicated password, it is one of the most used out there. 

Next on the list are first names, in fact, first names themselves fill up the majority of the top 100 spots. So, don’t use your first name or anyone else’s first name as your password. This also includes changing letters for numbers, similar to above, like using ‘3’s in p3t3.

The next few are very random and include sunshine, admin, welcome, I love you, princess, football and monkey. Very strange! This also included the password ‘qwerty‘, which is once again using the keys on the keyboard in order. 

Lastly on the list, which once again people will think they are being clever is holding down the shift key and running your finger along with the number keys, giving you [email protected]£$%^&*. It looks like a complicated password because it’s all random symbols, but because it’s in order again, it’s one of the top most used passwords, which means it is also the top to guess as well.

So if you are using these passwords, change them, change them now.

You should be using unique passwords on everything you are using. To help you remember your passwords, get yourself a password manager like LastPass or 1Password. There are tones available that make remembering passwords so much easier. They can also automatically generate a password to use as a secure password and will store it for you. So you don’t actually need to remember your password, you can just log into your password manager, file our the password and use that to sign in.