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In years gone by the desktop PC was seen as the go-to standard for office IT needs – cheap and static.

Times have changed and we all work in a totally more dynamic way with the requirement to have all our corporate information to hand – when it counts.  Gone are the days when you turn up to an important meeting with printouts of the documents to be discussed.

The ability to pull up the information you need, securely and when you need it, is key to our everyday working lives.  Couple that with the requirements for flexible working that has become the norm for us all this year and we are looking at another no-brainer.

In almost all situations, a laptop or portable device has more than enough “horsepower” to complete the task, run the software, get the job done.  Laptops and portable devices may cost more than desktops but they offer significantly more value to a company.

A fundamental part of a flexible, scalable IT strategy is to seriously consider laptops and portable devices for all staff rather than static desktop PCs.

We’ve prepared a brief overview of a few of the laptop ranges available –

Standard Business Laptop – HP ProBook Range
An excellent entry-level business laptop offering commercial features at an affordable price, ideal for most working environments. They are compatible with docking stations, have long battery life and come with a range of screen sizes.

Premium Business Laptop – HP EliteBook RangeThese devices have a superior build quality and boast a sleek executive design. The EliteBook range features options for up to Ultra HD resolution on the inbuilt screen. Ideal for users who are regularly on the move, requiring a lightweight executive device.

High-end Business Laptop – HP Elite Dragonfly or Microsoft Surface
These devices are built with premium materials, delivering a stunning look and feel. With advanced security and compatibility features, they are ideal for senior management or customer-facing roles where presentation and reliability are essential.

If you would like to speak to one of our consultants about how these devices could benefit you, please contact us today.

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