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Tekkers IT Solutions have plans in place to replace the entire company fleet of vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs). 

Following the announcements last year from Tesla, who plan to release the Tesla Model 3 to the UK mass market in late 2018 / early 2019, Tekkers have reservations to replace every one of our company cars with a Tesla Model S or Model 3 zero emissions car. 

With a range of 310 miles per charge, and an average cost to charge from empty to full of around £5, the Tesla Model 3 has more benefits than just the zero emission, environmentally friendly aspect so widely discussed.  

Tesla also have one unique advantage that puts themselves ahead of every other car manufacturer out there, and that is their charging network.

Tesla Superchargers are popping up all over the place, are completely free to use (For Model S and X Owners) and charge at up to 120kw, adding around 180 miles in around 30 minutes.

This is in stark comparison to other charge points and is up to 16 times faster than chargers currently dotted around the country. Even the fastest chargers at the moment max out at around 50kw.

A recent holiday in a Tesla Model S resulted in this social media post from our MD:

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 21.07.07.png

Our work requires our engineers to be on the road daily for visiting customers, installing new equipment and troubleshooting issues on-site. For us to switch to pure electric will ensure we aren’t contributing towards pollutants that traditional diesel and petrol vehicles emit, and helps support our soon to be announced Global Goals project. 

We have been driving a Tesla Model S Saloon for the last year to test the practical aspects of owning an electric car, and have been delighted with the results. 

Our testing process has been further accelerated by the government announcement of the ban of sales for diesel and petrol vehicles coming into affect in 2040. It is clear the government plan to get the UK driving electric, and you can already see the impact with prices for diesel and petrol cars already dropping, followed by almost every car manufacturer suddenly announcing their plans to build EVs.

Our Managing Director, Pete Matheson says:

“I would never buy a petrol or diesel car ever again! 

They’re cheaper to fill up, nicer to drive, quicker, quieter and of course, less pollusive. 

Yes the price of an electric car needs to come down to fall in line with traditional fuel cars, but with the release of the Tesla Model 3 this has set the standard for all other car manufacturers.

It’s interesting to see the total and utter 180 degrees by car manufacturers – who prior to this announcement had always critisiced that electric isn’t the way forward, and are now announcing their own vehicles. 

I think the entire motoring industry is on a tipping point for a major shake up, so it’s going to be interesting to see who can catch up and who will be left dragging their heels in the mud.”

Tesla have always been ahead of the game, their self driving Autopilot system has collected billions of miles of data across the millions of Tesla owners across the globe. 

This feature alone is raising questions of the countless possibilites in future. Why own a car when you could summon a self-driving car?

Servicing? Aside from the fact there are minimal parts required to be serviced on an electric car, you could let your car drive itself to be serviced whilst a loaner drivers itself to replace yours.  

A charging point was installed at the offices in Furzehall Farm earlier this year, and we welcome any visitors who drive an EV to plug in for a free charge. 

Tekkers takes delivery of their second Model S this month, and with Model 3 reservations timed for when the rest of the fleet vehicles go back, we can’t wait to be fuel free!