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Yet another casualty has been added to the list of Brexit.
The EU has decided to be restrictive on who can own or register a .eu domain. Basically, any British individuals or companies with a .eu domain will have it revoked, regardless of a deal or no deal Brexit.

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 14.13.39
In the case of a no deal Brexit, British .eu domain owners will have 2 months to either try and transfer their domain to a different person or entity based in Europe, or it will be terminated. The short time scale will affect over 750,000 owners, risking them losing their domains on the 30th May 2019. The plan is for the EU to then put all unmoved domains back on the market a year later starting on the 30th May 2020.
If there is a Deal, things start looking slightly better. Instead of having such a short deadline like the no deal scenario, owners will have until March 2021 to move their domains or they will lose them for good.
Either way, the endpoint still sucks. If the owners lose their domain it means they lose everything they did to build their domain on search engines along with their online identity. they would have to completely start from scratch and earn their place again.