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This guide is designed to present both Pros and Cons when looking to employ IT support staff.

 The Pros 

  • Fixed cost – Once you have taken into account all of the employees cost, and providing you have hired a capable staff member – for no extra cost that staff member can complete any number of tasks, from providing support, installing new computers, setting up a new server, or helping to move office. Most outsource IT firms will quote and ‘new requirements’ as an additional cost.  
  • Cheaper Cost if you are planning on multiple projects in coming months / years. 
  • Quick access to staff when you need things done quickly. You can physically walk to their desk, speak to them in person and ensure it’s being actioned, instead of just calling your IT support company and raising a ticket.
  • Multi-tasking – Staff can carry out other tasks if required, not just IT tasks.  

The Cons

  • Recruitment Costs. Recruitment firms can cost thousands alone, and it can be very difficult to find the right staff when you don’t  necessarily have the expertise yourself to know what makes a good IT engineer.
  • You are responsible to provide ongoing training, which can also involve time out of the office as well as additional training costs.
  • Costs of PAYE, National Insurance, Sickness and Holiday to cover, as well as any company benefits such as company car, health care etc…
  • Absences such as sickness and holiday mean no members of staff to cover, unless you have other IT staff who can cover their work.
  • Physical desk space will be permanently occupied, compared to outsource who may not require a permanent desk position.
  • Equipment must be provided by the company, computer, phone, laptop, software etc..
  • Mobile Phone contract and/or Landline Call cost, this may be very minimal but could add up if placing calls to overseas third party support firms.
  • Limited Technical Knowledge: Your in-house IT Support staff can become fantastic at supporting your business and getting to know your systems inside out. However this focus on your own systems will mean they lack the knowledge, expertise and experience for systems outside of your own. This makes system upgrades and strategic planning very difficult, as it’s difficult to plan when you don’t know what’s available.

 What about Outsourcing? 

Take a look at our blog post for Pros vs Cons for Outsourcing IT Support to compare against employing staff directly. 


Whilst we can’t make a recommendation for your specific circumstances, the general recommendation is that Outsourcing to a local IT firm is the best of both worlds.

Chose your provider carefully, and they will have the skills, team, and expertise to provide a top class service to you, far above and beyond the capabilities and cost of employing your own member of staff.

Outsource IT Firms will generally be ahead of the curve and when consulted, be able to provide you with cutting edge solutions and technology to help grow your business, and allow you to focus on your own business.

Thinking of changing IT Provider? Then check out our IT Support Learning Hub for a wealth of information, including what to look out for when looking for an IT Provider and how much it should all cost. 

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