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Back in February 2018, the fitness App called MyFitnessPal was on the receiving end of a mass data breach. Nearly 150 million users were affected by the breach by exposing their email addresses, usernames, IP addresses and passwords. After the breach was reported a spokesman for MyFitnessPal, informed the users to change their passwords, making any stolen information invalid.
Myfitnesspal-logoA year later the data has been released alongside other large data breaches, on the dark web. For those who didn’t change their passwords, their information is at risk, as the hackers can see if you reuse your passwords for other sites and gain that information. The spokesman from MyFitnessPal is still encouraging users to change their password and not to reuse any from other accounts.

So, to anyone who hasn’t, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!

Safe Passwords

Safe strong passwords are one of the most vital aspects of keeping your personal information secure. There are many ways to create a strong password.

As said above, don’t reuse passwords. We are all guilty of doing of doing at some point. It’s hard to remember 15 different passwords for 15 different accounts and then faff you got to go through to reset them when you can’t. But, not so surprisingly, there are many useful Apps that can help with that. A password manager app will keep all your passwords in one secure place.

For more information on passwords and keeping yourself save read our blog Passwords РCyber Security Essentials. Or watch our video below.

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