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This IT Support Costing and Pricing guide is designed to help you develop and initial budget, as well as plan for the costs associated with IT Support.

 IT Support Cost: A Couple of Things to Consider 

There are two things to consider when researching the cost of IT Support:

  • Whether you want to employ somebody, either part-time or full-time to provide IT Support to you and your business.
  • Or whether you want to Outsource this role to a third party

Check out our articles on Pros and Cons for Outsourcing as well as Pros and Cons for Employing IT Support.

In this article, I will take about the costs associated with employing IT staff, and help you to get an idea of how much budget you will require. Keep in mind that these prices will vary greatly from region to region.

 Employing Full Time or Part Time IT Support 

Initial Cost of Employing IT Staff:

When employing your own IT Staff, there are a number of initial costs that will need to be factored into your comparisons.

The list below is not an exhaustive list, but covers most of the major initial costs related to employing IT staff.

  • Good Spec Desktop Computer or Laptop, Dual Screens and Docking Station – to enable them to be as productive as possible. Circa £1,200 – £1,500 Ex VAT
  • Uniform (If Required) £100 – £200
  • Phone and wireless headset £100-300
  • Company Car (if site visits required) £600 – £1,500
  • Car insurance (£400 – £900)

Then you have the monthly costs associated with employing IT staff:

  • Helpdesk Software / Ticketing System – £Free – £40 p/m
  • Company Car (if site visits required) £150-300 p/m
  • Remote Support License (TeamViewer / Logmein)

Finally you have PAYE, National Insurance Contributions and Salary.

 Salaries – A rough guide 

Salaries can widely vary depending on the level of expertise you feel you require.

Don’t expect to pay £12k-£16k and expect that person to be capable of installing new servers and networking equipment. In this instance, what will actually happen (and we have seen it many times before) is that the persons falling into this bracket will try to complete the task (because they have been expected to know how to do so), but to the point of putting your business as significant risk as they don’t have the knowledge.

Examples we have seen are laptops which have been dismantled for a simple screen repair, which have never worked again, and also servers that have barely been installed with missing software and missing security settings which advertised confidential data publicly on the Internet.

This is a very rough guide, as this will differ hugely across regions.

Junior IT Technician – Less than £16k

First Line Support (Answering phones, logging tickets, basic password resets) – £14k – £20k

Second Line Support (Diagnose and resolve wide range of issues) – £20k – £25k

Third Line (Senior Engineer capable of installing servers and more complex projects) – £30k – £40k

Don’t forget to then add-on PAYE and National Insurance Contributions. This can add a further £300 – £1,000 per month alone.

 Employment Cost Summary 

Added together, this can bring in the cost of employing a ‘reasonable’ member of IT Staff to help troubleshoot day to day issues to around £3k Initially, and £2,500 per month.

Thinking of changing IT Provider? Then check out our IT Support Learning Hub for a wealth of information, including what to look out for when looking for an IT Provider and how much it should all cost. 

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