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For those who still have a server in the office, you have a choice of either replacing the it or moving to the cloud. With replacing the server, you are probably looking at it costing quite a bit to refresh and get modernised. On the other hand, the Cloud is cheaper, but this shouldn’t be the main reason for moving.

Before you even begin to move to the cloud, you have to prepare all you applications installed on your server first, as this could make the process more costly. For example your CRM systems, Email system, business intelligence and your document management.

By rushing the process of moving to the cloud, you could cause major problems in the future. We’ve witnessed it first hand, where a few of our customers wanted to move to the cloud as quickly as possible. We then to   had to spend months fixing issues caused by the hasty decision, making thee switchover more costly.

To avoid the extra hassle and time spent moving to the cloud, it is important to do all the prep work first, making sure all the right applications can be moved to the cloud.

To find out what applications you need to help make moving easier, watch our video below and see how the likes of Xero and Microsoft Azure could save you a lot of stress.

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