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While we work with other MDM systems, we suggest Cisco’s Meraki to our clients because we believe they deserve the best solution in the marketplace.  Meraki takes enormous burdens off your information technology staffers. 

Meraki helps you do more than just manage your company-owned smartphones, tablets, personal computers and laptops. It tells you their most recent geographic location, how often and how well they’re connected, and will allow your administrator to secure a device, or even wipe it completely. It is agnostic, working with operating systems from Windows to OS X, Android to iOS, without issue. 

With Meraki, you can heighten security by protecting the hardware from unauthorized usage, as well as the information it contains. Your firm can set a robust passcode policy to diminish security issues. You can also restrict access to the sites where your employees are most likely to skive off, whether online shopping, games or other less savoury places where viruses can endanger company systems.

Instead of having to pull an employee and their device in to manually provision changes, or depending on the employee to do it when they don’t have the technical background, you can use the cloud to securely push settings and changes out to each device. 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is also being implemented across the UK, and Meraki helps bring those security risks under control. Its ability to treat employee-owned devices like every company-owned device avoids BYOD security issues. User devices get the same attention to the ability to wipe a lost device clean, or simply lock it to prevent access.

Meraki can automatically throttle, quarantine or deny access from any unknown device. Your technicians will be able to access information that tells you exactly how many user-owned devices are on your network, how much of your bandwidth they’re using, and modify settings at will.

Meraki means your system’s in capable hands, even when the technicians have gone home.

These are only a few of Meraki’s capabilities–please contact us for more information.