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Tekkers IT Solutions were approached recently to assist with the transition of IT Services during a management buy out (MBO) for Verde Horticulture Ltd.

The migration involved a number of critical operations which had to all happen in very short timescales

Source, Deliver, Configure and Install 40 PC’s
Reconfigure Internet links
Configure -to- links between new offices
Reconfigure wireless for operation of portable warehouse scanner devices
Migrate data and key information from old to new systems
Reconfigure telephone systems
Reconfigure printing and scanning functions
Provide on-going support

Most of this took place over the space of a single day, with staff working into the early hours of the morning to ensure systems were operational first thing the next day. The remaining tasks were completed in the following days as required.

Operations Director Joe Beeston said, “Whilst the list of tasks we had to achieve here seems quite long considering the time we had, it’s operations like this which we are well conditioned for. We have performed many of these types of migrations before, and with careful planning a lot of work can be accomplished in a very small amount of time.

Senior Operations Manager, Cari Davies gave some very positive feedback after the work was completed.

We approached Tekkers IT Solutions to assist with the implementation of new IT services during a recent management buyout. Previously all of our IT services had been supplied and hosted by our parent company in Europe so we were essentially starting from scratch. All areas of our IT required attention including our phone system, file and print access, desktop and laptop hardware, internet access and access to a new sales system!

We needed a company that could deliver, migrate and support all of our systems in a very short space of time. Our business needed to close at 5pm one day, and open under new ownership at 8am the next so the ability to get it right first time was critical.

Not only did they meet these demands, but the additional support they provided in the following days and weeks has allowed us to concentrate on other areas of the business during the transfer.

Tekkers IT Solutions were able to meet and exceed our requirements and as a result we will gladly recommend them to anyone.