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Did you know, that there is a stunning array of discounts available to charities? 

In the IT industry, it is little known that a small number of organisations exist who can provide anything from just a little discount, to a completely, 100% free product or service.

In this article I wanted to provide what I hope to be some very valuable content to those of you who either operate or work within a charity. 

I created a video that talks through the options available to you. Otherwise keep on reading for the full rundown. 


If you didn’t watch the video, then let’s crack through the list:

First off we have Charity Digital Exchange who have a huge range of discounts available to charities. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 – £45
Adobe Cloud Suite – 60% Discount on first year and 40% every year after
Amazon AWS – $2,000 of credits for £142
Asana – 50% discount 
Autodesk – Varying Discounts
Bitdefender Security for 10 users – £45
Breathe HR – 50% Discount
Calxa Budgeting, Tracking and Reporting – £25
Charity Checkout – Fundraising, Events and Donations – FREE
Cisco – Varying Discounts
Docusign Business Pro Edition – 75% Discount
Donor Perfect Fundraising Software – £49
Veritas Backup Exec – £113
Zoom Meetings Business Plan 10 License Bundle – 50% Discount

Next we have Microsoft who have quite a range of free and discounted products available.

Microsoft provide a number of ‘boxed products’ at significantly discounted rates, only available via Charity Digital. 

Microsoft Office Standard for £23
Microsoft Access for £8
Microsoft Exchange Server Standard for £43
Microsoft Project Standard for £36
Microsoft SharePoint Server for £413
Microsoft SQL Server Standard for £54
Microsoft Windows Server Standard for £6
Microsoft Windows Server User CALs for £2

For Office 365 you can access their cloud range of software from 100% free, to significantly discounted. 
The services vary, but start from a completely free email account, 1TB of storage, conferencing and collaboration software.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials – FREE for up to 300 Users
Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium – £2.30 per user per month for up to 300 Users
Microsoft Office 365 E1 – FREE
Microsoft Office 365 E3 – £4 per user per month
Microsoft Office 365 E5 – £13.60 per user per month

Similarly, Microsoft 365 offer the ability to lose your on-premise server and migrate to a full cloud solution.

Microsoft 365 Business – £3.80 per user per month
Microsoft 365 F1 – £1.90 per user per month
Microsoft 365 E3 – £7 per user per month
Microsoft 365 E5 – £20.20 per user per month

Lastly from Microsoft we have Azure

$3,500 Microsoft Azure Service Credits for FREE per year which can be spent on any Microsoft Azure Services
50 Licenses of Enterprise Mobility and Security E3 Licenses (worth $1,500) per year

On to Google, we have GSuite Basic for Free, for an unlimited number of users. 
You can also get a whopping $10,000 of Google Ads per month for FREE.
Google also have a special version of YouTube for charities which allow you to add a donate button, or Call to Action on top of their YouTube videos. 

Discounted Computers

If you are looking for discounted laptops or desktops, then Computer Aid and Computers for Charities provide access to refurbished computers at significantly discounted rates. With PC’s and laptops starting around the £80-100 mark depending on the specification required. 

Missed Anything?

Drop us a message if we missed anything. We’d like to keep this page updated with as much information as possible to help charities out. It’s a tough time out there at the moment with many local councils and governments pulling funding from vital charities across the country. 

These discounts could provide tens of thousands of pounds worth of savings to some charities, so please do share this to your network to spread the word that savings can be had. 

Need any help?

Of course, it would be silly of me not to say – that if you are working in a charity where your current IT provider isn’t looking out for the best ways you can save money with your IT spend by using the likes of these discounts then please do get in touch. Give us a call on the number at the top of this page.