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Are you looking to recruit your next IT superstar? Or perhaps even your first member of IT staff… 

Over the years of recruiting technical staff at multiple levels of skill, I thought it worth putting pen to paper (fingers to keys) and jotting down what we have discovered works, and what doesn’t work when recruiting staff. 

1 | Mistakes 

The first mistake we made was to post the job up on our own website and expect the job applications to come flooding through.

They didn’t.

2 | Use Social Media   

Once you have posted the job, do share on all forms of social media and encourage your existing staff to re-share to their networks on LinkedIn and friends and family on Facebook, Twitter etc.. 

3 | Know what you’re looking for and pay accordingly 

Lots of attention needs to be paid to the job description and the salary brackets that you are looking for. They should also be in line with reality! 

For technical positions, I often see companies looking for senior positions and only paying a junior salary.

Take a look at our article for How much does it cost to employ IT Support that has more detail on what salary levels you should be looking for. 

Also don’t expect to recruit a senior technical engineer and expect them to change toner cartridges every other day. They will quickly get bored and won’t stick around for long. 

4 | Use LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a great resource for recruitment.

Today, when someone is looking for a job they will likely go to the usual job sites and recruitment agencies, but they will also use LinkedIn quite heavily. 

You can set your employment status to ‘looking’ which will allow recruitment agencies to find you, and will show you some targeted job adverts based on your location and skillset. 

Other than paying LinkedIn for the advert, you don’t have hefty recruitment fees to pay – which can be a big saving when looking to recruit. 

5 | Offer incentives 

Offer your staff an introductory incentive for successful placements.

Depending on the level and salary of the position this could range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.  

For staff who refer their friends, family or ex-colleagues this jumps a huge number of hurdles when recruiting strangers. Your staff are the best resource you have when looking to recruit. They are very unlikely to refer someone who they don’t think is capable of the job, or if they have the wrong attitude. You also get to avoid hefty recruitment fees and can get inside knowledge of what they are like by speaking to the staff member who introduced them. 

6 | Interview Early   

If you are unundated with applicants, a quick way to whittle the crowd down is to request interviews early morning.

Only the most keen applicants will want to arrive at 7am for an Interview, which shows you early signs they really are comitted and interested in working with you.  

7 | Consider Outsourcing   

If you have never tried outsourcing your IT, then now is a perfect time to look into it before making a potentially costly mistake employing someone. 

Outsourcing has many benefits, more benefits than drawbacks – so it’s worth taking a look at our blog posts about Pros vs Cons of Outsourcing as well as Pros vs Cons of Employing IT Support.


If you are looking to recruit for IT staff, I recommend you take a look at our IT Suppport Learning Hub first, as it holds a wealth of information over the various options available to you, as well as information on how to get the best support for your needs.