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We’ve been using Datto as our main Disaster Recovery solution for a little while now, one question we get often is “how quick is it to recover my server?” There is never one rule for all when it comes to recovering data or a server, but by picking a decent size customer with a generous amount of data, we can start to get a feel for the timescales involved.

In this test, we wanted to ensure that the timescales were accurate and representative of a worst-case scenario before users could start logging on and accessing the data again.

It’s good to note that there are two options when spinning up a server, locally on your Datto appliance (if it’s supported) and in a Datto secure data center. There are some additional steps to take if choosing the latter and it’s good to check if your networking hardware is up to the task.

Step 1 – Logging into Datto

We’ve just received the call and a customer’s server has fallen over. There’s no immediate workaround and a part needs replacing. Time to get a virtual server booted from the most recent backup and get the customer working again.

  1. Call taken, ticket raised
  2. Logged into Datto Recovery
  3. Started virtualisation





This above process, to get the server environment ready, took less than 10 minutes. The server is now ready for us to configure

Step 2 – Setting up

Now the server is booted up, we can begin logging in and setting up connections. Ensuring the server is working, responding to requests and all data is present.

  1. Check disks
  2. Test logging in
  3. Internet access

Once the above basic steps were completed (in under 10 minutes again), we then moved on to more advanced configuration

Step 3 – Tech bits

Changing the settings of the server to ensure optimal performance, a restart test and a few other bits took 15 minutes. This just ensures we’re not dealing with a slow server and that the connections for everyone were as seamless as possible.

The server then needs to run some basic updates for driver compatibility and restart once more, 5 minutes more.

Step 4 – The test

Changing the network settings, we’re now ready to get the server on the network and ensure it’s fit for purpose. After changing, we call round a few users to check they can print, access the internet, use their applications and access files.

This step takes 10 minutes and thankfully there are no issues.


From our experience, a Disaster Recovery solution that revolves around tapes, this process can take half a day (or more if there’s no working hardware). With Datto, we can spin up a server on the Datto Appliance or in a secure data center in just under an hour.

It’s a no-brainer if your business needs a server to stay afloat and with so many different options available, it can really make a difference between a day and an hour.

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