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It’s time for you to replace your server, what are you gonna do?

For those who still have a server in the office, you have a choice of either replacing the server or moving to the cloud. With replacing the server, you are probably looking at it costing you quite a bit to refresh and get modernised. The cloud is cheaper but this shouldn’t be the main reason for moving to the cloud. Plus, it won’t save you money if you are going to move everything¬†into the cloud without preparing all your applications that are installed on your server first. The applications being things like your CRM systems, Email system, business intelligence and your document management.

We see it a lot when businesses move to the cloud just because it is seen as the future of technology. We have experienced first hand ourselves, where a few of our customers wanted to move to the cloud and rushed into it. We then spent months unwinding everything because things weren’t working like they were supposed to. We spent the majority of our time fixing issues that the cloud had caused because the change over hadn’t been thought out properly.

To avoid all the hassle and extra time spent moving to the cloud, you must do the prep work to make sure that you’ve got the right applications that can be moved to the cloud.

To find out what applications you need to help with moving to the cloud, watch our video below and see how the likes of Xero and Microsoft Azure could save you a lot of stress.

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