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 Here at Tekkers, we use a series of services that help make our lives a little bit easier. These services help us do the little jobs that we just don’t have time for, allowing us to focus on the important tasks at hand. So, we thought we would share a few hacks with you which will help save your business time and money. 


Our very first hack is a service called BombBomb. This service allows you to send videos in emails. Videos are a great way to connect with your customers. It allows your personalities to show though and gives you better clarity and connection with your customers. BombBomb lets you know when the email has been open and tells you when they have watched the videos.


Onto hack number two, a great thing called MeetEdgar. It is a social media scheduling system which allows you to create different categories, allowing you to separate your content e.g. Social Media, News, blogs. MeetEdgar is a very powerful service for small businesses if you don’t have time to sit and post something every single day. One of the best features is, if you are away on holiday or get too busy that you forget to set up your social media that week, MeetEdgar will automatically re-use what is already in its feed and continually post for you.


The third hack is For just $1 a minute, you can send any of your videos off and they will transcribe the audio for you. If you don’t transcribe your videos, you definitely should. A huge amount of people nowadays watch videos without the sound on.


Last but not least, we have CamelCamelCamel. This website allows you to look at any item on Amazon and see what its price has been for the last year, or however long it has been on amazon for. All you have to do is copy the amazon link of the product, paste it into the Camel Camel Camel website and it will show you any times you would like to see. For instance, last black Friday or last Christmas. You’ll be able to see the products price peaks and troughs, so you can estimate when the best time to buy the product would be.

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