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A few weeks back I attended a marketing networking event in Birmingham. The morning consisted of a plethora of interesting discussions covering a variety of topics, but it was the email marketing conversations that got me intrigued. Everyone was talking about how many contacts they were sending their emails to; how many people were opening the emails and how many were clicking on the links. But what was interesting was that no one mentioned anything about how to ensure your emails were getting through to the recipients to begin with.

It doesn’t matter if you have written the perfect email and done all the right AB testing to find out which email would work best, it won’t guarantee that your email is going to end up in the recipient¬ís mailbox. And of course, you want the emails to reach people because at the end of the day email marketing is a great way to gain sales. Yet when discussing email marketing, no one spoke about if their emails were actually getting delivered. If they are not getting through to the recipients, what’s the point in sending them in the first place? All that time wasted.

When you send someone an email, their email server will check to see where that email has come from and if you are not on the ‘list’, your email won’t be allowed through. The ‘list’ is Called a Sender Policy Framework Record (SPF) which checks through all emails going into a mailbox and is held where your domain name is. For instance, if you bought your domain name from reg123, or someone looks after your website or your domain name, that is where the SPF record is likely to be. To ensure that your emails are being received, you need to make sure that your SPF record lists all the places you are sending your emails from. This would be your CRM system, your email provider itself (Office 365, Gmail) and anywhere else you are sending emails from through your company. They all need to be on the list. If any of these are missing, emails sent won’t get through and majority will be rejected, all because the SPF record hasn’t been checked. SPF records are such an important part of emailing and for marketing. If you haven’t got one set up or set up properly with the right locations, it will screw your marketing and you email deliverability up. 

To ensure you are getting the best out of emailing, write a list of all the places you are sending emails from. This includes all your systems, domain names and everything else which was mentioned before. Basically, anywhere emails are sent from your company domain. Once everything is written down hand the list over to your IT support, your website hosts or anyone who knows what an SPF record is and they will be able to make any changes needed, which will increase your email deliverability.

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