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YAHOO! Have I been hacked???

Posted on 10th November 2016, by Pete Matheson

You may have seen in the news recently, that Yahoo! confirmed that a breach took place in 2014, which left half a billion accounts compromised. Whilst issues like these are becoming all the more common, you might be getting so used to these breaches happening that you simply stop caring about them. “Half a billion … Continue reading “YAHOO! Have I been hacked???”

Disaster recovery is essential for any business

Posted on 6th May 2016, by Pete Matheson

In today’s office environment, so much critical data is stored across so many systems that keeping it all archived in one place may seem a daunting prospect. The good news is that adopting an online backup service for your business data, customer and parts databases, spreadsheets, essential documentation, emails and other files is something we … Continue reading “Disaster recovery is essential for any business”

A beginner’s guide to on-site and remote IT support

Posted on 12th April 2016, by Matt

There are two ways to deliver IT support: on-site and remotely. On-site support is the more traditional method, and (as the name suggests) involves IT experts attending your business in person to offer direct assistance. In contrast, remote support involves allowing IT experts to access your computer or network remotely in order to fix problems … Continue reading “A beginner’s guide to on-site and remote IT support”

Why Do I Need Online Backup?

Posted on 18th March 2016, by Pete Matheson

Finding a trusted resource for your online backup is not just important for your day-to-day business, it can be crucial insurance that your business will keep operating even if the worst happens. Unlike in-house backup systems, you or your tech people never have to transport tapes offsite. If you’re leasing backup servers, you can let them go, or … Continue reading “Why Do I Need Online Backup?”