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Ready, Steady, Go! We’re Live!

Posted on 13th October 2017, by Pete Matheson

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a number of times already in previous editions of TekkTalk, we’ve been spending much of our time looking at our support process and how we can consistently deliver the very best level of support that we can. All of that work has now culminated in launching our new, monthly support … Continue reading “Ready, Steady, Go! We’re Live!”

Changes to Google Drive

Posted on 6th October 2017, by Pete Matheson

Firstly, don’t be alarmed if you see headlines online that state Google is killing off it’s Google Drive service, it’s not. Instead it’s slightly tweaking the Windows and Mac desktop clients, and the way they work in 2 different ways. One for home users looking to backup their files, and one for Businesses looking to share … Continue reading “Changes to Google Drive”

I did say that 2017 was the year of Cyber Security… 

Posted on 1st March 2017, by Pete Matheson

In the last few months, we’ve been assisting some new customers who had been caught by a Cyber Attack, and it struck me how badly their existing IT Support companies have responded. I couldn’t believe that there are businesses out there that are still in business, after providing such as shocking service! So I thought … Continue reading “I did say that 2017 was the year of Cyber Security… “

Have you Reviewed your Review? 

Posted on 1st March 2017, by Pete Matheson

Many of you will have taken up one of our Strategic Reviews when we first partnered together and started supporting your business, but how often do you review the review? Most of you I’m sure already have your business goals set out and probably review these throughout the year. Whether it’s a goal to hit … Continue reading “Have you Reviewed your Review? “

Busy being Busy?

Posted on 1st March 2017, by Pete Matheson

To say January has been a busy month would be an understatement! After a unusually quiet December, I was beginning to wonder if Brexit was at full effect. I say this as usually December is a very busy period to schedule in IT works. Those crucial few days between Christmas and New Years when many … Continue reading “Busy being Busy?”