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Pros vs Cons for Outsourcing IT Support vs Employing IT Support

Posted on 30th October 2017, by Pete Matheson

This guide is designed to present both Pros and Cons on the differences between Employing or Outsourcing your IT Support service. Firstly we are going to look at the Pro’s and then the Con’s for Outsourcing, then we’ll look at the same for Employing your IT Support staff directly. Outsourcing IT Support The Pro’s: There … Continue reading “Pros vs Cons for Outsourcing IT Support vs Employing IT Support”

The Krack Attack Explained

Posted on 25th October 2017, by Pete Matheson

The name stands for Key Reinstallation Attacks and means that an attacker can exploit vulnerabilities found in WPA2, the industry standard for wireless security. Essentially, this attack allows information transmitted over wireless to be intercepted and captured, such as usernames and passwords or credit card information. Whilst you should be cautious about entering this information … Continue reading “The Krack Attack Explained”

Track your Marketing

Posted on 23rd October 2017, by Pete Matheson

One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt whilst venturing into the marketing world, is to track your efforts. There’s no point putting tons of money behind something if you can’t even tell if it’s working or not! So this week I thought I would write a little on how we track our marketing spend, … Continue reading “Track your Marketing”

Microsoft Server OEM vs Volume Licensing Differences for Virtualisation

Posted on 18th October 2017, by Pete Matheson

A question that’s regularly asked by our customers is what is the difference between OEM and Volume licensing, and which one should they purchase when they’re purchasing their new server equipment. Whilst OEM typically offers the best price when looking to purchase Microsoft Server software, Volume licensing has a number of benefits which may or … Continue reading “Microsoft Server OEM vs Volume Licensing Differences for Virtualisation”

Ready, Steady, Go! We’re Live!

Posted on 13th October 2017, by Pete Matheson

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a number of times already in previous editions of TekkTalk, we’ve been spending much of our time looking at our support process and how we can consistently deliver the very best level of support that we can. All of that work has now culminated in launching our new, monthly support … Continue reading “Ready, Steady, Go! We’re Live!”

Changes to Google Drive

Posted on 6th October 2017, by Pete Matheson

Firstly, don’t be alarmed if you see headlines online that state Google is killing off it’s Google Drive service, it’s not. Instead it’s slightly tweaking the Windows and Mac desktop clients, and the way they work in 2 different ways. One for home users looking to backup their files, and one for Businesses looking to share … Continue reading “Changes to Google Drive”